SAHCOL’s 7 Years Operational Highlights

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Skypower Aviation Handling Company Limited was formerly known before and also incorporated as an Aviation Ground Handling Service Provider under the Nigerian Company & Allied Matters Act of 1990. According the information excerpts by Benjamin Ameh from the Sifax Group showed owned 100% of Skyway Aviation Handling Company Limited (SAHCOL) which was privatized and handed over to the Sifax Group on the December 23, 2009, that action gave a way the liquidation of Nigeria Airways Limited as part of the Nigerian Federal Ministry of Aviation’s reform of 1996.


He founded SIFAX Nigeria Limited in 1998, now a leader in Ports, Shipping and Bonded Terminal operations, and an institution in Shipping and Maritime services sector with offices in Ghana, South Africa, U.S.A, Belgium, United Kingdom, Malabo, Equitorial Guinea.

In 2009, SIFAX Group diversified into Aviation, when it bought and took over the Skypower Aviation Handling Company Limited, now renamed Skyway Aviation Handling Company Limited (SAHCOL).

Dr Afolabi is a hardworking entrepreneur with a deep sense of corporate social responsibility, meritorious service and philanthropic gestures, which is acknowledged and demonstrated by the harvest of awards bestowed on him and his companies.

Dr Taiwo Afolabi, in recognition of his outstanding virtues he was appointed Honorary Consul of the Republic of Djibouti in Nigeria. He was also conferred with the honour of the Member of the Order of the Niger (MON) by the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Since then, Skyway Aviation Handling Company Limited (SAHCOL) has Sifax Group as a new private sector management composition and orientation, has started the development of business models geared towards ushering in efficient service delivery. Hence, SAHCOL led by Sifax Group has invested in personnel development, state-of-the-art fleet replacement and massive infrastructural development, to ensure efficient and speedy service delivery.


For instance, SAHCOL has obtained ISAGO-IATA audit which applied consistently to all ground handling companies worldwide, have IATA based handling council members and the Airport Services Association – ASA- which brings together all relevant  (and the world’s major) ground handling service providers and suppliers.


The vision of SAHCOL is to become the leading provider of passenger, Ramp and Cargo Handling Services in the West African Sub Region.

The mission of SAHCOL is to “provide quality and efficient Passenger, Ramp and Cargo Handling services in line with best practices and the highest international standards to the delight of our customers and benefit of all stakeholders, utilizing state-of- the- art skills, procedure, equipment and facilities, and employing a dedicated workforce”


 Rizwan Kadri, an IATA Certified Aviation Management Professional (AvMP), is a dynamic, highly experienced and result oriented Senior Aviation Management Professional with more than 25 years of extensive all-round international experience gained in managing various airports and air-side operations.

He is an inspiring leader, expert communicator and motivator, who possess the ability to influence, understand and analyze the requirements and aspirations of an organisation. Highly competent, with an excellent track record in leading large teams along with well developed management competencies, administration and external industry network with experience in detailed business review and organisation restructure.

Mr. Kadri holds a Bachelors of Science, University Degree and is an EMBA with Aviation and Quality systems. He has undergone many professional courses like IATA Station Management, IATA Station and Ground Handling Management, EASA Part 145, Airport Management, Ramp & Cargo Management, Emergency Response, Dangerous Goods, etc and is a licensed load controller for various aircraft types and for various airlines.

Having held many senior positions with major international carriers like Emirates, Kenya Airways, Qatar Airways and major Ground Handling and General Aviation companies across the globe, Mr. Kadri is here now to display his expertise and skills with SAHCOL.

“Skyway Aviation Handling Company Limited has core values which are committed to offering world-class services built on professionalism, integrity, customer satisfaction, efficiency and distinctive business conduct, while being socially responsible to the society.”


According to the statement saying the success of any company cannot be separated from the dedication and professionalism of its personnel. The management of SAHCOL has invested in the right crop of personnel who are comprehensively trained, both locally and internationally.

As a result, in SAHCOL there is a pool of well trained, motivated and dedicated staff across the entire area of operation which you may call it 20-20 means 20 Clienteles in its kit and covering 20 states in Nigeria.


“SAHCOL is piloted by a tested Administrator led by the chairman, Barrister Dr Taiwo Afolabi, supported by an experienced and vibrant management team , who report to a Board of Directors; thus remaining responsive and of top-quality to her daily growing clients.”

“Over the Years, our achievements has been pioneered and championed by our team of excellent management staffs. We therefore encourage all our stakeholders to meet SAHCOL management team, get to know their biography and their achievements.

“Our duties in SAHCOL involve all the actions that take place from the time an aircraft touches down on the tarmac to the time it is airborne. We also ensure that the right assignment is carried out in an efficient, speedy and safe manner, deploying the right tools.

“SAHCOL is significantly present in all the commercially operated airports in Nigeria, where excellent and speedy services are offered in the following areas:

Ramp handling

Passenger handling and

Cargo handling


Adigun Olaniyi started his working career with the National Carrier – Nigeria Airways Ltd. (in liquidation), as a Cabin Executive for six years before moving on to the Airline Sales and Marketing department as a Marketing Officer.

In 2001, he was invited to join Skypower Aviation Handling Company Limited (SAHCOL) to start up the Marketing department of the company as a Marketing Executive. While in Skypower, he occupied various positions including: Cargo Manager, Regional Manager (Operations), Head Corporate Development.

Adigun has attended a sizeable number of professional courses in Geneva, Singapore and Nigeria.

After the acquisition of Skypower by Skyway Aviation Handling Company Limited, a subsidiary of the SIFAX Group, he assumed the position of General Manager, Sales and Marketing which he holds till date.

 SAHCOL has safety policies dedicated to ensuring the Conduct and Provision of Safe and Efficient Operations for our Customer Airlines, Aircraft Operators and our Employees. All Managers and Employees are required to have Safety considerations as of prime importance in their job functions.”

The report disclosed that a Safe operation is the result of combining qualified staff, well-maintained Equipment, appropriate Processes and procedures, adequate Training and Supervision. As Safety is everyone’s responsibility, the feedback from Personnel is important in ensuring all anomalies and deficiencies are investigated and that procedures are reviewed and amended to improve SAHCOL’s overall safety and efficiency. This Safety culture is enhanced by embracing human factors principles and includes encouraging personnel to report related errors/ incidents.

“SAHCOL embraces this Just Reporting Policy, whereby no action shall be taken against an employee reporting an unintentional error. The Executives of SAHCOL are totally committed to the principles stated in this Safety Policy. This policy shall be understood, implemented and maintained at all levels within the Organization. The Management of SAHCOL is totally committed to the principles stated in this Safety Policy.


It is the objective of SAHCOL quality policy to provide for a Safe, Reliable and an Efficient Standard of Customer service. It has chosen Quality as a way and means to realize its goals and thus continuously improve its services, to provide what really meets the aspirations of its Customer Airlines, Aircraft operators and exceeds their expectations, the report noted.

In the statement, SAHCOL was quoted saying it committed to maintaining the highest standards of Quality and performance in its Operations and Customer Service to accomplish this goal; and will employ the latest technology, methods and procedures. The Management of SAHCOL is totally committed to the principles stated in this Quality Policy. This policy shall be understood, implemented and maintained at all levels within the SAHCOL Organization.


Basil Agboarumi is result oriented, a good team player, motivator with excellent people skill who has a successful track record in leadership, public relations and communications.

A recipient of the Nigerian Institute of Public Relations, Recognition Award, for his professionalism and excellence in the practice of Public Relations.

Basil Agboarumi, who has also been recognized as Aviation Spokesman of the year, 2014/2015 is an alumnus of the school of Media and Communications of the Pan Atlantic University.

According to the reports, all SAHCOL Personnel are encouraged to report Safety concerns and errors and to cooperate with the investigation of incidents. The Primary aim is to identify the causes and eliminate them, and not to identify and punish the individuals concerned.

It is a SAHCOL policy that an unpremeditated or inadvertent lapse will not incur any punitive action, but a breach of professionalism may do so. It may be necessary to suspend an individual pending an investigation. This should not be interpreted as punitive action but, rather, as a precautionary measure.

As a guideline, individuals may attract punitive action if the:

  • Act was intended to cause harm or damage.
  • Person concerned does not have a constructive attitude towards complying with safe procedures.
  • Person concerned knowingly violated procedures that were readily available, workable, intelligible and correct.
  • Person concerned has been involved previously in similar lapses.
  • Person concerned has attempted to hide his/her lapse or part in the mishap.
  • Act was a substantial disregard for safety.

It is reiterated that a voluntary incident reporting system is non-punitive and affords protection to the sources of information i.e. the concerned employee. However, in the case of willful negligence, intentional violation and the use of illicit substances the non-punitive immunity will not apply. The Management of SAHCOL is totally committed to the principles stated in this Non-Punitive Policy


“SAHCOL is committed to providing and maintaining a working environment in which its employees are not exposed to hazards arising from the use and abuse of alcohol and/or drugs. The airline has a zero tolerance policy for the consumption of alcohol or the use of non-prescriptive drugs whilst on duty. All employees are required to report for work in a fit and proper condition in order to perform their duties in a safe and efficient manner.

“Any employee found under the influence of alcohol or non-prescriptive drugs/psychoactive substances and drugs that are considered clinically harmful to disorient normal human functioning and endanger operational safety shall be removed immediately from safety critical functions and strict disciplinary action including termination of services will be initiated against the staff.

“All employees have a legal obligation not to endanger themselves or others because of being in an alcohol or drug impaired condition, either within or outside the workplace. Employees are required to disclose to his or her manager or supervisor the use of any prescriptive drugs or medicines for the treatment of sickness or illness that may affect their performance or behaviour. This is extremely important for personnel assigned duties in the operational area and safety critical functions. Such personnel shall be redeployed to functions that are not directly associated with operations.

Congratulation SAHCOL’s management on 7 years operations in Nigeria

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