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Captain Chris Najomo, the Acting Director General of the Nigerian Civil Aviation Agency, NCAA, swims in the unfortunate concoction of lies targeted at destroying the healing process he has been saddled to bring to the agency after the inevitable suspension of the embattled Director General, Capt. Musa Nuhu.

Truly, corruption knows how to fight back and this is not a new case. For someone who has stepped in to clean the mess in a thorough overhaul of the odoriferous stench that has led to the suspension of the former Director General, the Acting DG understands the tendencies he has to contend with.

For the sake of truth and transparency, Capt. Chris Najomo never purchased a 2022 Toyota Landcruiser (70th Anniversary Edition) allegedly worth over 250million after three months of being in the saddle. While it is verifiable that the suspended DG glued to the official vehicles and never dropped them, it is totally incorrect that the Acting DG purchased an official vehicle worth 250m. It smacks of mischief to quote bogus figures for a vehicle that has not been purchased in order to discredit the leadership of the Acting DG. This is the handiwork of those who wish to bring encumbrances to the process of sanity initiated by the Acting DG. However, vehicles were to be purchased for top management officials and they are necessities, not luxuries.

In the figment of the imagination of these peddlers, staff trainings that were duly budgeted for as far as in 2023 budget are yet to be dispensed but due diligence failed them in their haste to tell lies that can be confronted with compelling facts. What sense does it make to bring up staff trainings when the ones that were duly captured in the 2023 budget have not been dispensed? Is this not hatred taken too far? Don’t we smell a gang-up to stall the beautiful process of purposeful leadership that has been carefully planted with the incursion of the Acting Director General?

In addition, TSA is not optional and cannot be wished away at the discretion of any DG. The allegation of non-remittance of statutory deductions to the Central Bank of Nigeria is more than laughable. It is a chronic lie that can be trashed at the tip of the fingers. Just recently, Aviation Union workers fumed over the 50% remittance of IGR to government. They even threatened industrial action if that is not discontinued. How cheap can the peddlers be when they don’t even understand what goes on in the agency?

It is instructive to note that Capt. Chris Najomo cannot be derailed by insipid lies that can only be told by toddlers. He is focused on ensuring that the NCAA recovers from the sordid years of locusts and caterpillars. He is aware of the magnitude of trust, honour and respect that his incursion has conjured. He will, undoubtedly, reposition the NCAA and take it to an enviable height.


Morohundiya O.A  Writing from the corona of truth and Justice

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