Touch not my anointed – Salvation Ministries denies claim Iyabo Ojo, Pastor Ibiyiomie in sexual relationship

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The Salvation Ministries, Port Harcourt, Rivers State has responded to a report making the rounds that the senior pastor, David Ibiyiomie, is having a sexual affair with Nollywood actress, Iyabo Ojo.

Iyabo Ojo
Iyabo Ojo

Reports making the rounds have it that the actress allegedly uses ‘juju’ to lure the pastor, who has allegedly been showering her with expensive gifts.

The report by popular US trained journalist, Kemi Olunloyo, on her Instagram page @hnnAfrica revealed that a letter was allegedly sent to her from an unnamed Salvation Ministries church member.

The member accused the actress of using juju to make her pastor sleep with her and spend lavishly on her.

See the letter below, ‘as shared on her Instagram page’:

“Good morning Madam KOO. My name is Ebiye Patience and I’m a dedicated member of Salvation Ministries, Port Harcourt. Our Pastor, David Ibiyiomie is shamelessy frolicking with yoruba prostitute Iyabo Ojo. All these prostitutes in the name of actresses.

“We learnt that he has been spending the church’s money on this girl and some other nollywood actresses to the point that Iyabo and Vivian Metchie had a nasty fight on him after catching her in bed with a boy she picked from the club.

“She has used juju on our pastor. The range rover 2008 model she uses now used to be in our pastor garage before he dashed her. The Toyota corolla she claimed she bought her PA last year is one of the cars that her former minister ex boyfriend dumped her after church gave its members for Christmas.

“This story was almost out last year but she paid off the press with cash and her body. She is a grade one harlot who picks little boys on the street to sleep with.
Our pastor is gradually destroying Gods name as he is now a sugar daddy to iyabo ojo.

“Even though she paid press, I know madam KOO is one who can’t be bought by money and will do investigation and let the world know the truth. @IyaboOjofespris and @DayoAmusa visits all herbalists everywhere. Our pastor is even building a house for this girl as I speak.

“They should stop destroying Nollywood. Pls fish out this prostitutes. Pastor has a hidden house in PH that’s where he houses Iyabo anytime he wants to see her. She is also dating a series of men. Hustling between them all so that she can form big lifestyle with money gotten from them all. There is no herbalist that doesn’t know her.

“She pretends to be nice but inside, she is a snake. She has a shop off Allen but she sells nothing. You can send someone there to investigate. You’d meet no one. Its a cover up for her prostitution business. She should definitely be exposed. Every prostitute must be fished out. God bless you ma.”

But DAILY POST on Friday reached out to Salvation Ministries via its Help Desk mobile contact.

A man, who declined disclosing his identity told our reporter, ” You can go on and do the report but I assure you, you will see the end result.

“Go and ask Naij in Port Harcourt the last time they tried to publish this kind of rubbish.

“You know the truth, so I don’t know why you want curses on you.

“What kind of confirmation do you want? That I should tell you my Pastor is sleeping with someone?

“Are you married? May you never have problems in your marriage with this kind of report you are doing.

“Go and ask Christians.”

When asked if DAILY POST should take this as his official response to the allegation, he said, “that is my official response.

“You don’t touch the anointed of God and go free.

“Touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm.

“You are asking these questions now, you better ask yourself a question…in short, I don’t know.

“If you have not tested it before.

“God bless you,” he added.

Recall that Ms. Olunloyo, whose public criticisms of people know no bounds, is known for exposing actresses who according to her, hide under the charade of the movie industry to prostitute.

Just recently, the ‘Snitch Lady’ accused actress Angela Okori of ‘prostituting’ in the movie industry, and outside the shores of Nigeria. 

Madame KOO as she is fondly called had similarly accused actress Georgina Onuoha and a host of others of allegedly selling their bodies.juju1 juju2 juju3

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