Why MMA Runway 18L/36R close till September 5?

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The Murtala Muhammed Airport Ikeja (MMAI), Lagos closure of Runway 18L/36R due to major works in installation of Air field lighting ( AFL)

The Ameh News (TAN) recalled that the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria earlier complained of aged facilities fix up of the runway which according to the report will be closed totally from from midnight July 7th till September 5th 2022 for the installation while traffic would be diverted to 18R/36L the international airport for seamless operations.

The Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria ( FAAN) will use the two-month long closure to be installing approach lights, Runway lights ( threshold, centerline, edge lights … etc. So that runway 18L/ 36R returns to full 24/7 operations as soon as possible.

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FAAN had held a meeting with airline operators on July the 5th where the timeframe and modalities were communicated

In a Notice to Airmen ( NOTAM) from the Aeronautical Information Services of the Nigerian Airspace Management Agency ( NAMA), DNMM would be closed from 0000-23000 08/07/2022 to 05/09/2022 to effect the repairs.

Stakeholders feel it would be a gruelling two month for these airlines who would land at the international and asked if passengers would be offloaded there since the runway will be open at 2300 daily or whether airlines push back flights or organise an effective work plan with the airport authority to make it seamless for all involved.

In all, parties feel the runway light installation would be a great booster to MMA and Nigeria and further save tonnes of Jet A1 given the product’s pricing and unavailability most times.

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