X-Pression Ruwa Unveils new innovative braid product

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The ‘Ruwa Braid’ is the New Hair Extension Innovation from X-pression.

According to the X-Pression a leading hair extension manufacturing brand in Nigeria launches a new innovative braid product with Fast Drying characteristics.

The further noted that the ‘Ruwa Braid‘ is said to be a solution to every woman’s challenge in wearing braid hair extensions.

Adding that the X-Pression has over time shown longevity & innovation in the hair extension industry, remaining relevant when it comes to creating remarkable, chic and innovative hair extensions to satisfy the increasing yearnings of hair extension users in Nigeria while giving them good value for their money.

The manufacturer disclosed that Diligence, Honesty and Sincerity are 3 core values of Solpia Nigeria, makers of the X-Pression brand of hair extensions since the inception of the brand about 25 years ago, and these have served as some of the reasons why X-Pression has remained a durable brand, not just in Nigeria, but across the globe.

With the ‘Ruwa Braid’, the turnover time for drying out your braids will be reduced, bringing convenience, it added

Over the years, the hassle of long waits and being extra conscious of your braids after a ‘hair-do’ just so it dries up properly, led to the X-pression brand looking within to bring forth a possible solution.

It is expected that a maximum of 45 minutes is the amount of time that the Ruwa Braid needs to dry completely after a hot-water-set hairdo.

This new innovation brings a more likely hood of being able to head out for appointments straight from the salon.

The New X-Pression Ruwa Braid is water-repellent and does not absorb water like other braids in the market. This function makes it possible for the braid to dry very fast compared to other braids.

Another interesting feature of the new X-Pression Ruwa Braid is its weight compared to other braids. For those who love bulky braid styles, this is an option for you as you can now have more packs of X-Pression Ruwa braids on, without feeling heavy.

With the new Ruwa Braid, you can wash your braids more often than you would do with the regular braids; you can go swimming with your braids-on, without the fear of a damaged, itchy, or smelly braid, and rain will no longer be a threat to your braids.

Features of the New X-Pression Ruwa Braid:

Fast Dry; It goes from wet to dry within 45 minutes after the hairdo, which is an improvement,

Light Weight; Ruwa braid is lighter in weight compared to other braid products,

Hot Water Set; X-Pression Ruwa braid accepts 100% Hot water set for styling.

Ruwa in the Hausa language means ‘water’, and in the Swahili language, Ruwa means ‘beauty’.

Women are encouraged to try the new X-Pression Ruwa braid and have a change in lifestyle as this braid brings the ease you need to enjoy your braided hair.

It is also a good ‘value-for-money’ product because washing your braid gives you the chance to wear your braid for a longer period.

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